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About Us

Bump Eraser Inc. was established in 1997 for the sole purpose of creating high-end, effective products for people that suffers from razor bumps, ingrown hair, and razor burn. At Bump Eraser Inc. we realized that the existing marketplace had failed to address these specific dermatological problems affecting men and women on a global level of various ethnicities.
At Bump Eraser Inc. we believe in using all facet in the industry to produce and develop high quality products for both men and women who suffers from this condition.
Floyd Spence is the creator of the Bump Eraser line of products and the President & CEO of Bump Eraser Inc who has suffered greatly from razor bumps. Floyd has firsthand experience in knowing how difficult it can be to deal with severe razor-related skin problems.
Floyd strongly believes in the Bump Eraser brand of products since it was one, he himself have been using since it’s inception and thought others could benefit.
Don't struggle another day with razor burns, ingrown hairs, or razor bumps. Whether you are shaving your face or your bikini line, let us help prevent painful, unsightly, acute shaving problems.

BumpEraser! Making the world bump free one spray at a time

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Bump Eraser Inc. are fully aware of our social responsibility. Bump Eraser Inc., a subsidiary of Face International Inc., strives to ensure all facets of corporate social responsibility are adhered to and implemented through ethics, sustainability, and social impact. We aim to contribute meaningfully to the community, adhere to environmental regulations, and minimize negative impacts on the environment through environmentally friendly practices. Our workplace will cultivate a fair and diverse work environment with equality among men and women, practice employee engagement, and foster an overall respectable work environment through fair business practices.